History & Mission

Founded in 1989, TPD is an ENR 500 Top Design Firm with over 275 employees and offices in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and the Carolinas. TPD provides the following services to a range of public and private sector clients throughout the eastern US: transportation planning & permitting; construction management & inspection; highway design; bridge design & inspection; traffic signal & ITS systems design; multimodal, complete streets & mobility services; municipal design; transportation management & operations; environmental services & permitting; and expert witness support for crash investigations.

The ATDE staff provides expertise on access management, traffic circulation, parking design, ADA-compliance and transportation related design concepts along the East Coast for corporate, private and municipal/public sector clients.

Safe and efficient accommodation of the traveling public is instrumental to the success of any development project, and is a critical element due to the complexity of the regulatory approval process.    

Since joining ATDE in 1993, John has over 30 years of experience with the preparation of Traffic Studies, Traffic Signal Plans, Traffic Signal Timing Directives, Electrical Construction Plans, Signing & Striping Plans, and Traffic Control Plans designed in accordance with County, State and Federal standards. Additionally, John has extensive consultation experience with various Departments of Transportation at County and State levels with respect to site access permitting and off-site improvements. John has been responsible for the preparation of over 1,000 Traffic Impact Analyses, Parking Sufficiency Studies, Traffic Signal Warrant Analyses, and Traffic Accident Reports for developments throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut. These studies include examination of existing roadway/intersection conditions, review of travel patterns, vehicle gap/queue data, historical accident records, projection of trip generation and development of future traffic volumes, analysis of existing and projected traffic conditions, preparation of conceptual site layouts, intersection improvement designs, site access designs and analysis of sight distance. John has been accepted as an expert engineering witness by Municipal and County boards in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut on more than 300 occasions. 

Paul has over 30 years of experience in the fields of Traffic Engineering and Highway Design. He has been responsible for the preparation of Traffic Impact Studies, Roadway Construction Plans, Traffic Signal Plans, and Agency Permitting for projects ranging from small retail and residential development to the Conceptual through Final Design of complex infrastructure improvement projects. Formerly based in New York City, Paul served as Project Manager for the reconstruction of Central Park North; for the reconstruction of Lenox Avenue and the preliminary design and approvals for a traffic circle and memorial park at Frederick Douglass Circle in Manhattan. Paul has also prepared streetscape design and construction documents for the 34th Street Partnership, the Bryant Park Restoration Corporation and the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone. Mr. Going coordinated infrastructure and landscape design and project approvals between private and publicly funded project limits for the reconstruction of Columbus Circle in Manhattan. Paul has been involved in the Master Planning stages through Construction for large scale residential and retail development projects such as Riverside South and Riverside South Park in Manhattan, Gateway Estates in Brooklyn, and the redevelopment of the former Rheingold Brewery site in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Mr. Schukoske has over 9 years of consulting engineering experience in the areas of Traffic Impact and Safety Analysis, Sight Distance Analysis, Traffic Signal/Electrical Construction Design, Highway/Roadway Lighting Design, Signage and Pavement Marking Design and Traffic Control/Maintenance & Protection of Traffic Design. He has also been responsible for the preparation and oversight of over 10 traffic signal reconstruction or modification designs for capital projects throughout the state of Delaware. In addition to Mr. Schukoske’s traffic signal design work, he has worked on a variety of traffic studies as a consultant. Traffic studies conducted include Traffic Signal Warrant Analysis, Traffic Control Device Analysis, Roundabout Studies, Speed Studies, Horizontal Curve Studies, ADA compliancy reviews, Photometric Analysis, and Review of Non-Intrusive Vehicle Detection Devices for Traffic Signals.

Since starting at ATDE, Ethan has managed numerous projects in the New York metro area from Atlantic TPD’s Long Island branch, in Melville, New York.  Ethan has been responsible for the preparation of traffic impact studies and parking studies, roadway improvement and intersection signalization designs, and agency permitting for development projects involving various land uses. Ethan has also testified as a Professional Engineer and traffic expert for various public hearings at municipalities in New York and Connecticut.